Commission Info


This slot is for creating character art. Every genre is welcomed. 

  • Character poster  starts from 79$
  • Character sheets with fully rendered characters starts from 160$ 
  • Character sheets with flat colored characters starts from 80$ 


This is a slot for creating various creatures and dragons. If you have a concept in mind and you want to work on it, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • creatures and dragons designs can go wild very quickly so contact me beforhands for price.


this slot is for designing enviroments, cities, natural landscapes, dungeons, etc.

  • Simple enviroments with mostly simple natural landscape features starts from 69$
  • City Enviroments, complicated archtitecture, complicated natural features starts from 89$  

Other Info:

Price can be negotiated in exchange for longer, or shorter time period. 

Those prices are for projects intented for personal use, for commercial contact me, entailing your use case! Check also my terms bellow. 


Me as an Artist:

  • I’ll be providing multiple steps and updates of the creation of the artwork, including sketches, thumbnails, or other concept art that i made as part of the creation process
  • What you’ll get is a high resolution image (at least A3 300dpi ) and any other artwork which was made as part of the creation process.
  • I retain the copyright of the artwork, and I can use it in my social media pages and for showcase reasons, art books, promos, portfolios, galleries, unless agreed otherwise.
  • I cannot use the commissioned artwork to make prints, or sell it individually or in any kind of form that is not inteded to promote my art, unless agreed otherwise.
  • I do not claim the right to use the intellectual property depicted in the artwork in any kind of form or claim it as my own
  • I have the right to cancel an accepted commission if, for any reason, I am unable to complete it.  i  providing a full refund to the client.
  • I have the right to deny a commission.
  • If the client becomes unresponsive for more than , I will be putting the commission on hold until the the client becomes responsive again.
  • I will work on the artwork until the client is satisfied with the result.

The Client:

  • cannot use the artwork in any commercial usecase in which the end user is charged for, including prints, mugs, digital downloads etc. This also includes using the artwork as part of a promotional campaign that aims to directly promote a product or service which the end user is charged for. Special agreement must be made in these cases.
  • can use the commissioned artwork in streams, videos, blog posts, or any media format that is publically available and provided exlusively for free and they do not fall under commercial use. The client must clearly give full credit to me.
  • Has the right to cancel a commission before I send them the first thumbnails, in this case I’ll be providing full refunds.
  • If the client decide to cancel the commission before the final composition is decided and after I have send them the first thumbnails 50% of the total cost will be refunded.
  • The client cannot cancel the commission after the final composition is decided.
  • Payment can be made either fully at the beggining, or in two installements: 50% at the beggining and the rest 50% upon agreeing on a final composition.
  • can ask for major revisions only before agreeing on the final compositions, after this only minor revisions are allowed. Major revisions (enviroment change, pose change, etc)  which totally change the initial scope of the piece at the late stages can be made with some additional cost.